Virtual Travel Photography Workshop - to your destination

Here's a cool idea for all those who ever wanted to do a photo workshop – but who also like the freedom of traveling alone or with a buddy . . . and who don't have the budget for a live workshop, which can be very expensive. It's an on-line virtual photo workshop where I help you via Skype – before and after your trip – make photographs rather than just take photographs.

I've been to about 100 countries and all the US National Parks, so chances are I have been to the location you will be visiting.

Here is how it works:
• We have a one-hour Skype session before your trip where we discuss your trip and I review your travel photographs.
• I need your Skype name and a link for a gallery of your best images.
• One-hour Skype session after your trip where I review your new photographs and offer composition, exposure and processing suggestions.

Cost for the virtual photo workshop is $199 payable via paypal. Shoot me an email to arrange your virtual photo workshop.

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