5.21 Photo Thought for Thursday - Watch the Hands

When photographing people, every detail is important – including the hands.

Compare these two photographs of a woman I photographed in Marrow Bone Springs, Texas. In the dressed-down photograph, the girl is gripping the pole with “man hands.” In the other photograph, she is holding the pole in a feminine manner.

By the way, the woman is a model, and is actually the person who taught me about “man hands.”

You'll find some more people photography tips/photos on the amazon.com page for my book, Face to Face. No! I did not take that picture of the nuns!

P.S. Yes, yes, yes! I know. Every detail is important in every photo. Also, here is a video clip from that same shoot. Post a comment on my video – but not on my skills at riding a horse, please.

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