5.24 Sunday Speedlite Tip: Diffuse the Light

While working on my studio/on-location lighting book (due out in September) with my co-author,Vered Koshlano, we had a blast creating the lighting setup for the top photograph, taken at the Explorers Club in NYC.

The lighting set-up: one stand-mounted Canon Speedlite 580EXII was fired through a stand-mounted Westcott diffuser that was positioned above eye-level and off to camera right at about a 45-degree angle.

A similar flash/diffuser setup was positioned to camera left.

A third flash was positioned on the red couch (out of camera view) and pointed toward the rear wall to illuminate the background. Our assistant, Hector, held a fourth flash below eye-level and to camera right to light my face.

All flashes were fired from our hot-shoe mounted Canon ST-E2 wireless transmitter. The ST-E2 works great indoors. Outdoors, and indoors when a flash is "hidden" in a soft box, I use the Pocket Wizard.

So the tip for today: Explore the lighting possibilities with camera flashes – and diffuse the light to increase and soften the light source.

I teach stuff like this on most of my workshops. Good fun - no matter what camera system you own :-)

Good news! Joe Brady from the MAC group will be a guest instructor on my Croton Shoot.

More info on Speedlites.

Cool book on flash photography.

And here's a bonus flash tip.

If you have a quick flash tip, post it here. Got flash questions? Post 'em to me/Scott Bourne on Twitter for our PhotoFocus podcast.

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