5.26 Two Tips for Tuesday

Top Photo:
Long Lens See Thru

Eddie Tapp

Using a telephoto lens, try shooting through leaves or any obstacles that might add some mystery to your images. Be sure to use manual focus to keep your subject sharp and your foreground element soft.

This image of Nikki and Renee was created using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my favorite lens, the 28-300 f/3.5-5.6L IS USM at 120mm f/6.7 at ISO Speed 100.

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Bottom Photos:
Think “Flashy” Outdoors Pictures

by Rick "RAW Rules" Sammon

Compare these two images, which I took during Carnevale in Venice, Italy. The picture on the left is a flash shot. Notice how well you can see the eyes in that image compared to the natural light shot on the right.

When setting out to photograph people, don't leave home without a flash – and a reflector and diffuser – to control the light.

The key is to balance the light from the flash to the available light – so that your picture does not look like a flash shot. You might get that on the first try if you set your camera to the Av (Aperture Priority) mode and set your flash to E-TTL. However, you'll have more control (over the flash and natural light exposure) when you set your camera to Manual.

For a quick how-to on fill-in flash photography, click here.

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