Speedlite Set-Up

Hey All

MajorJD on Twitter had a question about using Canon Speedlites with the Canon ST-E2 wireless controller. Hope this helps... no matter what kind of flash you use.

Here are two behind-the-scenes photos: one showing a basic set-up (top) and one showing a reflector in the bottom of the frame (bottom left), and the end-result image (bottom right).

Basically, we bounced two Speedlites that were mounted on Bogen stands into Westcott reflectors that were held by Westcott stands/brackets. We used one more Speedlite as a hair light. All Speedlites were fired by the ST-E2. The reflector, held by an assistant, filled in some of the shadow area below the model's chin.

If you use a set-up like this, experiment the flash output of each Speedlite. One Speedlite should be set on full power (main light). Reduce the flash output of the other Speedlites - espeically the hair light.

If you have a reflector/diffuser kit, you can also use a similar set-up and fire the Speedlites through the diffusers. You can also mount Speedlites inside some softboxes (Westcott offers a few.).

We will be doing stuff like this on some - some - of my workshops.

If you would like to see more Quick Tips about lighting, let me know.

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