Eyes on Africa Day 2: Tuesday's Tips: See the Light & Don't Shoot Down

My blog posts this week will be devoted to tips on taking pictures on an African Safari (some of which you can also use in wildlife parks). Each day's blog topic will remain the same:

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I took all these pictures within about an hour of each other. The picture on the right is my "keeper." Great light!

The top left picture was taken after the sun had set. Flat light, little contrast. A photo dud.

The middle picture illustrates how close the animals can come to the vehicles. Just a boring grab shot.

The bottom picture illustrates that point that when you photograph animals close up from a vehicle, the photo looks as though it could have been taken in a zoo or wildlife park. You are much better off using a long lens and photographing the animal at a distance. The further away the animal, the more it appears that you are seeing eye to eye – as illustrated in my keeper.

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If an African safari is on your "bucket list," I am leading two awesome African photo safaris in 2010:
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