Eyes on Africa Day 5: Friday's Fun Photos

My blog posts this week are devoted to tips on taking pictures in African. Each day's blog topic will remain the same as in previous weeks:

• Monday’s Inspirational Message
• Tip For Tuesday
• Where in the World? Wednesday
• Photo Thought for Thursday
• Friday Fun Photo
• Saturday Photoshop Mini-Session
• Sunday Speedlite Secrets

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Unlike in weeks past, where I posted a funny picture, I thought I post some of my favorite people pictures from a workshop I lead to Namibia. Why are these pictures in Friday's Fun Photos post? Because I had so much fun photographing these beautiful Himba women.

Click here for some people photography tips.

If an African safari is on your "bucket list," I am leading two awesome African photo safaris in 2010:
Kenya and Rwanda.

Closer to home, yet still with a taste of Africa, I am leading a workshop to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (Glen Rose, Texas) in December. Not posted on my site yet. NOTE: I have reserved the tents and safari lodge. Dates are December 11-13, 2009. Cost to come. Drop me a not if you are interested. Only seven tents. Ricksammon@me.com

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