Just Say No to Chromo Abs

I received soooo many emails about my HDR talk at B&H yesterday that I had to post this Photoshop tip before my usual Saturday Photoshop Mini-Session.

The emailers wanted more info about removing chromatic aberrations from HDR images – and images in general.

Well, here we go!

The top image is my original shot.

I created the middle image using Photomatix (5 exposures) and then by applying the Omaha Beach effect in onOne Software's PhotoTools. More on Photomatix and onOne at pluginexperience.com.

When I zoomed in on my final image (as always), I noticed a chromatic aberration around the trunk of the tree - stroked in red in the middle image.

To reduce that effect, which does creep into HDR images, and into some high-contrast photos taken with less expensive lenses, I turned to Photoshop. I went to Filter > Distort > Lens Correction. I played around with the Chromatic Aberraton sliders until the bright red line was removed, as you can see in the bottom illustrations.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Hey, I am trying to talk my buddy Scott Bourne into doing a Photofocus podcast on HDR imaging. Like the idea? Let is know here!

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