My Window Seat

Hey... TGIF!

Just back from giving a seminar in NC and thought I'd share a few shots I took with my G10 from my window seat. I'm really getting into this compact camera thing. :-)

That said, no way am I hanging up my 5D Mark II. In fact, HD videos are in the works.

Got a G10 - or any other compact camera? Here are my top two shooting tips:
- Always shoot at the lowest possible ISO. These little babies can get a bit noisy above ISO 400 - especially in low light.
- Don't underexpose your images. That will cause an increase in digital noise - especially in the shadows.

And here's my top image-processing tip:
- Experiment with Levels first. Look to see how an adjustment can improve contrast, brightness and color. Pictures from camera cameras can often use a boost in those areas.

And here's another tip: ALWAYS HAVE A CAMERA HANDY! If not, you might miss some fun shots like these.

Make pictures,
P.S. If you like window seat pictures, check out Window Seat by Julieanne Kost - my Photoshop hero (so much so that I dedicated one of my books to her).