Where in the World? Wednesday

Welcome back to Where in the World? Wednesday.

As always, the first person (US only) with the closest guess as to where I am wins something cool.

This week it's Snap Art from Alien Skin – a cool plug-in that turns your snapshots into art shots with a few clicks of your mouse – or taps of your stylus.

Please be as precise/exact/right-on as possible. Again, closeness counts. In other words, if you see what you think might be a correct answer, fine-tune the location.

You need to post your answers here – not on twitter.

Hey, if you don't win, you can get a 10% discount on Snap Art (and all Alien Skin plug-ins) when you use this code upon checkout: RSA0901.

Good luck to everyone. But no pros, please.

P.S. For more plug-in fun, see PluginExperience. Are you experienced?