Set Goals. See the Light. Have Fun!

Day 3 of my Light Photographic Workshops here in Los Osos, CA. We ended today with an awesome one-hour shoot on the beach (we actually had less time than that to shoot). Basically, we were chasing the ever-changing light.

Here are my favorite pix.

The assignment for the students: set a goal. The goal was to get a running hose with all hooves in the air. See the shot on the right. Some of students reached that goal. How cool!

On my workshops, I ALWAYS stress the importance of setting goals.

We also made pictures . . . rather than taking pictures. We made the picture on the left by asking the rider to ride up a small hill (5 times). We also picked the location and timed the shot.

The middle shot? Well, as those of you who come on my workshops know, having fun is #1. This is just a fun behind-the-scenes shot . . . showing how useful tripods are when you are photographing people.

The end shots were taken with my Canon 5D Mark II and 100-400mm IS zoom. The middle shot was taken with my ever-ready Canon G10.

Mo' pix to come from the students later this week. A really great group. Love 'em!

Hey! Come on one of my workshops. Have fun. Make great pictures. Make great friends.

P.S. The Light Photographic Workshops wants me back next year. Planning that soon!