SLR Snapshots to Great Shots Week: Day 3 - A-Depth is A-OK

This week's blog is devoted to SLR tips - in honor of the Wiley DVD that I am currently shooting on the new Canon Rebel T1i (available this fall). All the photos were and will be taken with that camera. It's a also to celebrate my new SLR classes on (available now).

A-Depth is A-OK

Certain Canon cameras, including the T1i, offer an A-Depth mode. When the camera is set to this mode, it "sees" all the elements in the scene and picks the best focus point for good depth-of- field. It's an A-OK mode for quick snapshots.

For max depth-of-field for scenic photographs, here is what I do:
1) Use a wide-angle lens;
2) Select a small aperture;
3) Set the focus 1/3 into the scene.

I photographed this biplane at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Upstate NY. A great place for fun - and fun photographs.

The top photo is the straight shot. I created the bottom photograph using Topaz Adjust. See my plug-in site for more info - and how-to tips.

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