Travel Photography How-to Week. Day 1: Be On the Lookout

When we travel, we always need to have the “radar” up – looking, rather than just seeing. It’s kinda like the difference between haring music and listening to music. Big difference.

While walking around the streets of Trinidad, I noticed this wonderful wall, which made a nice photo itself. Shortly after photographing the wall, I moved on. Then, about two minutes later, I noticed a horse-drawn cart coming down the street at a moderate speed. Because my radar was up, I saw a potential picture in my mind’s eye. The picture was the cart in front of the wonderful wall. I ran back to the wall at top speed and snapped the picture you see here – with my Canon G10 point-and-shoot camera, by the way.

The top images are Topaz Adjust images (click here for info). The bottom images are the straight shots.

So, keep up your “radar” at all times.

I hope you enjoy this week’s photos and the tips. If you want some hands-on experience, hope you can join one of my workshops.

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Explore the light,
P.S. I know posting these four images together makes this post look very busy. Sorry, it was the easiest way to get my tips across. For a larger view, just click on the image.