Boring Snapshots Can Bring Back Fond Memories

My son is going off to college next week.

I remember when he was born, and when he spent most of the day resting in his crib. What a joy to watch.

I remember holding his hand and taking care of him when he needed me. Talk about feeling important.

I remember his early steps and his first words. Of course he was the smartest person ever born in the history of the world. (Hey, he's going to Johns Hopkins, so the kid ain't stupid.)

Recently, he has not been around much - hanging out with his friends, as it should be. When he is home, he spends a few hours a day alone at his computer - IMing, emailing, etc.

I have lots of boring snapshots that I took of him growing up. I'd share them, but to you, they would be boring. Rather, I share these snapshots with you, which illustrate each of the aforementioned developmental points: resting, needing, first steps, being alone.

I sure am glad I have those snapshots of my son. They bring back great memories of a time that went way too fast.

So the point of this homily: Sure, make the best possible pictures. However, don't overlook the importance of snapshots. Take them, too.

And here's a photo tip: Always have a camera with you! My Canon G10 is my constant companion. Top two shots were taken with that camera.

P.S. I kinda like these boring snapshots. They bring back nice memories of watching a "Bambie" growing up in my back yard. (Believe it or not, I posted a "Bambie" picture recently on Facebook and got hate mail. Someone wanted to kill all the deers in my area because of Lyme disease... which I have had 2x. Please, no hate mail :-)