Don't Drink and Print

Did you know all of the following affect how you see colors:

- Drinking coffee, coke, etc.
- Stress
- Being tired
- Alcohol
- Age

The next time you set out to calibrate your monitor, make a print, or just want to work on an image in the digital darkroom, keep all those things in mind.

I gotta go. I have so much to do, which is causing me stress. I have to take a nap because I'm tired. I am 59, but I still have lots of energy – because I drink tons of Diet Coke! Maybe tonight I can relax and have a drink at happy hour :-)

Explore the Light,
P.S. This idea for this post was generated by a discussion I had with a few friends about the Colormunki - the calibration device I use to calibrate my monitor, printer and projector – before I have my cup o' Joe :-)