Follow Your Heart And Listen to Your Ears

First, click to enlarge this pair of pictures that I took in Cuba.

The bottom image is blurry - due to accidentally using a very slow shutter speed.

Hey, I made a mistake. What can I say? It was the first time ever :-)

I jumped in this car at a moment's notice because I really wanted to get a photograph of this cute couple. It was hot as hell and I knew I had to shoot fast. I was not thinking. I forget to boost the ISO and reset my aperture. I had been shooting in the Av mode (as usual) in bight sunlight.

I might not have gotten the top photograph, my favorite from the trip, if I had not "listened to my ears," hearing the sound of the slow shutter speed. Upon hearing that sound, I boosted my ISO and selected a wider aperture, which resulted in a faster shutter speed and a sharp shot.

In photography, it's good to follow your heart - photographing what you love. It's also good to listen to your ears - listening to the sound of your camera's shutter. It's also good to listen for the focus confirmation beep.

And here's some more advice, given to me by a guide on an African safari: Go where you are looking. :-)

Explore the light,
P.S. Any one remember the Minolta Talker camera? "Too dark, use flash."