Good Question, Simple Answer

This questing came in via email this AM. Good question! I answer it at the bottom of this post.

The photo here (taken with my 15m lens on my Canon 5D Mark II and created with Photomatix and Topaz Adjust) has noting to do with the question... but it illustrates my answer.

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Hi Rick,

I'm a fan and follower of your work and hoping to get into one of your seminars or workshops one day. I see all that you do, and I wonder how it's possible.

I realize the inspirational advice is a common response to that question, such as "Work hard, be motivated, have fun, and take risks...." But what I'm wondering is how you are able to get all this done: write books, take pictures, do videos, do podcasts, write articles, teach, maintain a website, travel, submit photos to magazines and websites, etc.

Seriously, could you shed a little light on how you are able to accomplish so much? I mean, you published 3 books in 2008!!! I love this kind of lifestyle you live. What's a typical day/week for you.

NY Times tech writer David Pogue wrote a piece answering the same kind of question for his readers who wanted to know the same thing I'm asking you.

Would you mind sharing a few logistics? I'd like to see what it takes to do what you do. Thank you, Rick

Jerry Shankin
Commerce, Michigan
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ANSWER: Jerry, that's easy! I love what I do: taking and making pictures.What could be more fun? Well, maybe being a rock star :-)

Also, time moves at a different pace for me. Seriously. I am very aware of time and time management - and what is important and what is not.

I'll add to your list: I walk for one hour a day and take a nap after lunch. Hey, maybe those are the keys!