Happy 40th Anniversary!

On this day 40 years ago, I was planning the trip to Woodstock (in my 66 VW camper) with by pals, some of whom you see here hanging out with me in a parking field at the festival.

Much as changed - in the world and with me. But ya know what, I still feel as though I am 19 in many ways. My son has helped. So has music. And so has photography – because making pictures is so much fun and offers a sense of freedom, which was important to hippies back then :-)

If I had a time machine and could go back in time, I'd travel to when Santana played at Woodstock – the high point, so to speak, of Woodstock for me. Catching a sandwich dropped from a helicopter was kinda cool, too.

Any Woodstockers out there? I would love to hear from you!

PLJ (Peace, love and joy),

P.S. What, no photo tip?! Okay, here goes:

Do you think that when Santana plays a guitar solo he is thinking about what note he just played, what note he is playing, and what note he will play next? Do you think he is thinking about what key he is in, how far to bend a note, to pull-off or hammer a note, etc.?

My guess is no.

It's the same thing with photography: we have to know our cameras and the technical aspects of photography so well that getting the shot becomes almost automatic. That's when the magic of photography happens. Soooooo, practice as much as possible - just as Santana did for years before stepping out on the stage at Woodstock.