Never Give Up. Okay? Promise?

I receive emails from time to time from folks who are discouraged - mostly by rejection for one thing or another.

Hey! I have been there... and still get the rejection blues from time to time.

The following homily is for all those who have been rejected - or may be in the future.

10 years ago, I had this "great" idea for a series of 3-D children's books. I pitched it to National Geographic. They said, "no thank you."

I never give up. Two weeks later I signed a contract with the Nature Company for six books. Those six 3-D books led to two more 3-D books and another children's book.

Out of all my books, the 3-D children's books were my best sellers - because the audience for children's books is much greater than for how-to digital photography books.

The books are out of print, sorry.

So when you get rejected, never give up. Okay. Promise.

See the light,