Reaching Unconscious Competence And Important Saddle Time

After returning from my most recent seminar (Image Makers in Blue Springs, MO), the following email was in my in box.

I am sharing excerpts here, with the permission of the writer. It has a good few messages – especially about learning to become a good photographer and the different levels of learning.

Good thing I showed one of my favorite horseback riding pictures during the seminar :-)

P.S. Hey, getting email like this - and learning - is one of the reasons why I do so many seminars and workshops.
Dear Rick:

I thoroughly enjoyed your photography seminar yesterday. I was the incessant note taker.

We spoke briefly at supper about you wanting to learn more about horses and riding. I am not certain what your schedule looks like, but I would be willing to spend some time with you so that you could move toward your dream of "riding as fast as the horse wants to run." I have done this, and I can assure you that it is thrilling.

In jumping they call it "throwing your heart over". I believe you could make some significant progress in 3-4 hours. But as in anything else worth doing, "saddle time" is crucial. Riding horses is another form of learning to dance - the better the communication, the better the dance.

You also asked about a quote used by my horsemanship mentor:

Levels of Learning

1. Unconscious Incompetence
2. Conscious Incompetence
3. Conscious Competence
4. Unconscious Competence - The level we all want to reach in the things we care passionately about.

Thank you again, and God bless you,

Stephanie Moore