Aerial Photo Tips


Yesterday was my last day at the Maui Photo Festival. Great fun. Great attendees. Great instructors. Great photo opportunities.

A few of us took a chopper ride around the island. Spectacular!

Here are some tips if you ever find yourself in a high-flying situation.

Only one lens? Bring a 24-105mm zoom.

Don't forget your polarizing filter.

Use the Shutter Priority Mode and set the shutter speed to 500th of a second - at least.

Don't let any part of your upper body touch any part of the plane.

Use IS or VR lenses.

Use rapid frame advance.

Keep the horizon line level.

Try not to shoot into the sun.

Beg to have the doors off!!!

If it's cloudy and your pictures lack contrast, as mind did, boost the contrast using Levels or Curves in Photoshop.

If you are in a commercial plane, cup your hand around the lens and hold your hand close to the window to reduce reflections. Wearing a black shirt also helps to reduce window reflections

Explore the light,
P.S. Hope you can make it to the Maui Photo Festival in 2010. I'll be there . . . in the air, on the beach, in a presentation room, teaching a workshop, or at the bar!