Big Pano, Small Camera

Who says you need the best digital SLR on the planet to make a great (ok, fun) pano? Sure, all those megapixels help, especially when you want to make a big print and when there is a lot of contrast in the scene.

However, if you are on a budget and only have a compact camera, you can still make cool pano for a Web site or blog - or when making a small print.

I made this pano today at Mt. Rainier with my Canon G10 during the Aperture Nature Photography Workshop. I took four images, hand-held, from left to right, overlapping each image by 1/3. I set my camera to manual exposure - which resulted in an even exposure throughout the image.

From Adobe Bridge, I selected the images and used Photomerge to create the pano.

Have some fun this fall taking some panos of fall foliage!

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