Create The Salvador Dali and Fish-Eye Lens Effect with Your iPhone

Want to create an artistic image with your iPhone camera – the kind of image ("melting" subjects) that perhaps Salvador Dali would have created had he had an iPhone?

Want to create the full-frame fish-eye lens effect (curved lines in an image when you tilt the camera up or down)?

It's easy and fun! For only $49.95 you can download my iPhone Rockin' Rick Rotating Camera Effect App and awaken the artist within.

Or, you can simply rotate the camera (kinda quickly) while you are taking a picture - which is what I did for the two pictures you see here. :-)

Seriously, if you know of any cool photo Apps for the iPhone and want to share them with readers of this blog, please reply to this post.

Explore the Light,

P.S. Okay, enough silliness! Here is some cool info on the iPhone from my friend Juan Pons.

Did you know that when you send a photo you took with the iPhone as an email attachment from your iPhone, the size of the file that gets sent is much smaller than the original image stored on your iPhone?

When you send your friend that great photo you just took, the iPhone sends a much smaller version to save on the data that is transmitted. For example, the iPhone 3GS has a 3 MegaPixel camera and the files that it creates are 1536x2048, however when you attach that photo to an email your friend only gets a photo that is a measly 600x800. Great for viewing on an email, but usually not big enough to be a good desktop image on your computer.

The same goes for videos, if you email or post to YouTube the videos you took with that iPhone 3GS they are compressed and and don't look nearly as good as the original full sized files.

How do you get large original photos and videos out of your iPhone? Connect your iPhone to your computer and download the original files using iPhoto or similar software. You will be amazed how much better those photos and videos look.