In and Out of Africa

I took the picture on the left at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas - out of Africa.

I took the picture on the right in Botswana - in Africa.

Both photographs have several things in common:
- Light in the eyes. Important in wildlife pictures.
- I focused on the eyes. Important in wildlife photography.
- Tight cropping, which draws attention to the subject.
- I shot as close as possible to eye-level, so the viewer feels like he/she is on the same level as the animal.
- I selected a relatively wide aperture to blur the background.
- I selectively sharpened the image in Photoshop, only sharpening the animals.
- I used my 100-400mm Image Stabilization lens - my favorite lens for wildlife photography.
- I had a good guide who helped me get into the best possible positions for the shots. A good guide is very, very important!

Like to photograph big cats and other big animals? I have opening on the following workshops: December 2009 Fossil Rim. Check out Fossil Rim and shoot me an email about the trip:
September 2010 Kenya.

Here's a peek at Fossil Rim.

Explore the Light,

P.S. Speaking of guides, here's a tip from one of my safari guides: When looking for animals, look from right to left, as opposed from left to right... the direction in which we read. Looking from right to left slows you down... and gives you a better chance to spot animals.