Making Pictures in Maui

Today is pre-con day here at the Maui Photo Festival. Right after lunch (fantastic fish tacos) I made the picture on the right with my ever-ready Canon G10 - as an example of making a picture rather than simply taking a picture.

We used this technique earlier in the day during a workshop run by Judy Host and Eddie Tapp, whose picture graces the cover of my book, Studio and Location Lighting Secrets for Digital Photographers.

I simply asked two helpers to hold a red tablecloth behind this scary looking pirate – not Russell Brown, who indeed is here and also dressed like a pirate, but rather Zany Zane Matthias, one of the directors of the Festival.

Scott Bourne, with whom I host the Photo Focus podcast, shot a video of the making of this picture. Good fun. (The video and Scott.)

Remember, the background can make or break a picture. Arrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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