This Just In: Ultra-Fast Masking

I just heard about this and had to share the cool news!

The just-released Topaz ReMask plug-in supercharges masking and extraction in Photoshop by applying new extraction technology to this common task. Get lightning-fast masks and painlessly (man, I like that) preserve difficult details like hair and fur, all while staying completely in Photoshop.

The new Topaz ReMask offers several way-cool features:

Speed! Topaz ReMask is much faster at extracting even complex subjects than any other method currently available. This is partly because there's only a small amount of required user input, but mostly because its technology is so adept at creating masks automatically.

Accuracy! The hardest subjects for masking tools are those with complex backgrounds, faint edges, and fine detail like fur or hair. The unique algorithm that Topaz ReMask uses specialize in extracting "difficult" subjects without spending all day doing it.

Workflow! Topaz ReMask flawlessly integrates into a Photoshop workflow because it doesn't make a "trip" to an external app - there isn't even a new user interface to learn! It works immediately on the layer mask directly within Photoshop. This reduces the learning curve and saves processing time, which is part of what makes it so fast and simple to use.

Important: this version of Topaz ReMask only works in Adobe Photoshop because it makes use of Photoshop-specific layer masks.

You can order ReMask from Topaz Labs.