'09 Hudson River Photography Workshops Week II: Post #3: Color/B&W in the Same Image

Here's a cool HDR image by workshop participant Julie Johnson... and here is how she created it:

I shot this image with my Canon 5D Mark II (RAW file) and my Canon 15mm fisheye lens. I took three exposures (ISO 100), all at f8 – at 1/8, 1/20 and .3 sec. In HDR photography, the aperture must remain the same for all your exposures. You need to bracket with your shutter speed.

The images were first merged in Photomatix to create a realistic-looking image – as opposed to an image with stronger-than-normal colors and contrast.

Next, I created two layers in Photoshop and then desaturated the top layer. I made a selection of the main subject and then used a mask to allow the original color to show.

• • •
Nice work Julie!

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