The Beauty is in the Details

Several months ago, I wrote an article on the Ice Hotel near Quebec, Canada for travel expert Peter Greenberg's website.

At the time, I was pleased with the photographs. Today (and I mean today), however, I was playing around with Topaz Adjust and I'm loving the new and improved images - images with a lot more color and detail, as illustrated by this before-and-after pair of images.

Now that snow season is coming to the Northeast, I think I'll be working and playing with Topaz quite a bit.

When shooting in the snow: don't forget your polarizing filter. Also watch your histogram to ensure a good exposure - because you really can't trust the image you see on your camera's LCD monitor; the image killers are overexposed highlights. And, keep your camera and extra batteries as warm as possible.

Click here for info on Topaz.

Explore the Light,
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