Canon 5D/7D San Miguel de Allende Diaries #3

Day #2 PM Today we made pictures, rather than take pictures. What fun! 

We encountered a police officer near a park who was dressed in a traditional uniform. A perfect subject for making a picture.

We asked him if we could take a few photographs, and he quickly said okay.

We had spotted the background earlier in the day - which was a block away from where we met the officer. We walked down the street together. When we got to the location, we directed the the officer to pose in different positions. We took a few pictures (we were shooting HDR) and then said farewell to our new friend  - promising to send a few photos.

When you are out in field, make pictures. Lots more fun than simply taking pictures.

This is an HDR shot compiled from three images. We asked the officer to stand perfectly still during the photo session. See! HDR can, indeed, work for people pictures, too.  

More on HDR at the Plugin Experience.

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