ScanCafe Photo Contest 11/09: Light Illuminates, Shadows Define

Here is a favorite photo adage of mine: Light Illuminates, Shadows Define. That's a good adage to keep in mind when doing all types of photography - because we need to see the light!

This month's ScanCafe photo contest – the first you’ll see here on my blog – is about shadows. The assignment: try to create a portrait with beautiful shadows - or a beautiful shadow - on the subject's face.

The first place winner receives a $100 gift certificate from ScanCafe. The two runners up each receive a $50 gift certificate.

Email your entries (less than 2 MB) to: Please include a brief description of your lighting set up - so others can learn.

Contest ends November 30, 2009. The winners will be announced and the image will be shared here on my blog on/about December 15th. Each month we will hold a different contest.

The contest is open to amateurs and pros, because. . . "Amateurs built the ARK, Professionals built the TITANIC."

For a quick lighting tip, click here. And for another, click here.

Good luck!

Explore the Light,
P.S. What? You are letting your old slides and prints sit in a box or drawer? Yank 'em out of there and get them scanned. Enjoy them as they are or play with them in the digital darkroom. Stay tuned for some of my scanned underwater images.