Canon 5D Mark II/7D San Miguel de Allende Diaries Post #7

Today we took a trip to Guanjuato - about an hour from San Miguel. A huge festival took over the city, giving us wonderful travel portrait opportunities.

The middle and right pictures: street performers. 

The girl on the left: someone snacking on some ice cream after having some pizza in a local pizza joint. I took that picture in the dimly lit entrance to the pizza place with my 5D Mark II set at ISO 6400. Now that's impressive low-light photography.

We made all these pictures, asking the subjects to move into more flattering and pleasing lighting. All the pictures were taken with my favorite people photography lens, my Canon 24-105mm IS zoom.

When photographing people, respecting the subject is the most important thing to remember.

For more on travel portraiture, check out this article.

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