Canon 5D Mark II/7D San Miguel de Allende Diaries Post #11

Farewell to San Miguel. It has been a great week for picture making. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and the tips. I am planning a workshop here for 2010 - so stayed tuned to the Events page of my site.

Here's my final tip: You snooze you lose! You gotta get up early to catch the great light, great color and great shadows . . . no matter where you go.

The next themed blog posts will come from Page, AZ and Monument Valley in two weeks. I'll be there catching the light. 

When you think about it, all photographers are really light catchers. Hey, that could be my Native American name while I am there: Light Catcher.

Explore the Light,
P.S. If you like light and shadows, enter my ScanCafe photo contest. Good fun and good prizes. Even if you don't enter, ScanCafe is cool place to get cool scans of your slides and prints.