Controlling the Light in Central Park

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Yesterday's Westscott/B&H Sammon Shootout in NY's Central Park was a blast, not to mention a huge success.

We spent the afternoon seeing the light and controlling the light – controlling the light in this case with Westcott reflectors, diffusers, Scrim Jim's and my Lighting Tote.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots. Great fun and great learning!

We made a video of the event. Soon come. Stay tuned to my blog for info.

Thanks to Westcott's John D. Williamson and Dave Piazza for all their help and expertise. A big thank you also goes to B&H's David Brommer. He is in one of the pictures. Can you find him? Post your answer here!

While I was busy teaching and taking behind-the-scenes images, the photographers were getting great pix. Check this out.

Here is an article on Seeing the Light that I think you will enjoy.

More on seeing and exploring the light in my books, Exploring the Light and Studio and On-Location Lighting Secrets.

Explore the light,