A Few Fun iPhone Photos, Please

Hi All

My iPhone app will be available in a few weeks! It is packed with photo how-to information, ideas - and more than 100 of my favorite tips and pictures for seeing, making, and editing pictures. There is even a section that features photo tips from A to Z.

Dr. Dave Wilson is the developer. Cool dude! (He also plays guitar, so we have that in common, too.)

I am looking for a few great iPhone photos to illustrate a section on my top photo tips. Here are the categories:

1) Be Aware of the Background

2) Camera Looks Both Ways

3) Create a Sense of Depth

4) Interesting Subjects Make Interesting Photographs

5) Make Pictures

6) Name of the Game It To Fill the Frame

7) See Eye to Eye

8) See the Light

9) Use Your Camera Like a Spaceship

10) When You Think You Are Close, Move in Closer

If you have a photo that illustrates one of these points, please email it to me at rick@dpexperience.com. That's the email address I have for the new podcast/website I started with Juan Pons. Send your photo questions for our podcast to that address, too.

Here is a direct link to the podcast. And here is a link to our new website.

If I use your photo, you'd get credit, of course! When you send your photo, please state that I have your permission to use it for the app.

Hey, I can't let you leave my Digital Photography Learning Center without learning anything. :-) Check out this link for my Top Ten Travel Tips.

Explore the light,