Craete Your Own Reality with an IR Conversion

John Lennon, who was killed 29 years ago today, said: "Reality leaves a lot to the imagination."

I liked John Lennon's music - very much so. I also liked all the home movies I saw of him playing with his young son . . . but all that is a topic for another time.

For now, if you are in a creative slump, here's an idea: have one of your old digital cameras converted to an IR-only camera. Or, buy an older model digital camera (compact or SLR) cheap on ebay and have it converted to an IR-only camera.

Hands down, an IR converted camera is the best and easiest way to get into infrared photography - where you can alter reality with your camera and your imagination.

Here you see a boring color shot and a much more interesting IR shot of the same scene. I took the IR shot with my converted Canon SD800.

Lifepixel offers several different conversion methods - enhanced, super, black and white, standard and so on. You can see examples of these conversions on their web site.

Good news! You can get a discount on your conversion by using this code upon checkout: RickSammon.

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