Sunrise at South Beach

Today was the last sunrise shoot on my South Beach workshop - the best light of the week.

Sure, we shot lots of HDR images over the past few days - and learned how to process the images in Photomatix, Photoshop and Topaz Adjust.

However, this non-HDR silhouette of a man feeding the seagulls is one of my favorite images from the workshop.

I did add a touch of Topaz Adjust to enhance the color in the sky clouds.

When shooting at sunrise and sunset, and almost always, try to expose for the highlights. Watch your histogram and overexposure warning on your camera's LCD monitor.

For me, the seagulls make this shot. However, for the HDR shots of the lifeguard stands that we were also taking, the birds were ruining the shots – because they showed up looking like dust spots on the image sensor. Kinda funny how the same subject can be good or bad.... depending on what you are looking for.

All the images you saw on my blog this week were taken with Canon 5D Mark II and either my 17-40mm lens (this shot) or my 24-105mm lens.

Explore the light,