Back Up, Back Up and.... Back Up!

Well, the recent snow storm here in Westchester, NY was yet another illustration of how important it is to have a back up. Power was out for almost three days, and for someone who spends as much time on a computer (while a home) as I do, no power is a fate worst than death :-)

The top photo shows one of our Honda Hybrids (100,000+ miles) at the peak of the storm. Look at all that snow.

Fortunately, I have all my stuff backed up in several places on accessories drives that I can plug into my laptops with Firewire 800 cables.

By the way, I do have a pull-start generator (great back up), but I could not get it started for a day and a half. Brrrrrrrr!

Land-line phones were down, of course. However, my trusty iPhone worked - but it needed power, too.

Good news: My always-charged Versa Battery came to the rescue, powering my laptop and my iPhone.

The Versa Battery provides anywhere from 6 to 15 additional hours of power for a laptop - depending, of course, on what you are doing. Processing raw files, for example, will require more power than writing a Word document.

If you think you'll ever need a battery back up, check out the Versa Battery. Also, it's great for airline coach passengers on long trips who don't have access to power outlets like the folks in the front of the plane. (The battery fits neatly under your laptop.)

The Versa Battery is also great for those going on safari, where power is sometimes not available.

Explore the light - and think back up,

P.S. Yes, the Versa Battery also works with PCs.