Excerpts From My "Social Media Marketing For Photographers " Slide Show: Part I

I just put the finishing touches on my "Social Media Marketing for Photographers" slide presentation, which I will be giving to the students at the Hallmark Institute and to the photographers at the Palm Springs Photo Festival next month.

The preso is about an hour long and features 162 slides.

From time to time I'll post a few of the slides here along with some tips . . . because one of my points is that we all need to share in this world of the web.

Top slide: What's in a name?
Tip: The name of your blog is very important.

When I started, my blog was called: Rick "Raw Rules" Sammon. When I changed it to Rick's Digital Learning Center, the number of hits went way up - because learning was more important than simply following a photographer.

Ask yourself this question: Is the name of my blog effective - or do I need a name change?

Bottom slide: It takes a lot of peanuts to feed an elephant.
Tip: Sign up for as many affiliate/associate programs as possible - amazon.com, plug-ins, camera stores, etc. All those peanuts add up!

I am thinking of turning my presentation into a QuickTime movie. I'll keep you posted if I do.

Explore the light - and don't forget those peanuts. Also remember: "Your money can work harder for you than you can."

P.S. Bonus tip: Sing up for Google Analytics. Do well and share your numbers with potential clients.