Turning a Big Negative Into a Big Positive - With a Little Help From My Friends

Think positive! Never give up! That's my motto.

Here is an example of that kind of thinking.

Last week, I was stuck in Dallas during the blizzard. I was on my way to the Winter Wings Festival in Klamath Falls, Oregon. More than 160 photographers were looking forward to my talk on Wildlife and Nature Photography the following night. Interest in the festival was generated by the festival folks, social media marketing efforts (the topic of another post), and by a local newspaper article.

Due to the snow (more snow than Dallas had seen in years), I did not make it - live, that is.

However, thanks to the hard work of my on-site friends at Canon, and the show organizers, I actually gave the talk - virtually from Croton-on-Hudson, New York. You see, we simply could not let the folks down.

Here's what we did (over a period of several hours):

I first uploaded my Keynote slide presentation (turned into a PDF) to a server. My Canon pals downloaded the file and put it on a Mac laptop.

We used the Mac's iChat's Screen Sharing feature - which let the audience see me and ask me questions before and after my talk. Best of all, this set-up let me scroll through the images, which were projected from the computer with a Canon projector. On screen, it was like me being there.

Sound is always important in a presentation. I used my Rode Podcaster microphone, which offers great sound! I could hear the audience during and after my preso via my Bose Noise-Reduction headphones.

Of course, we did a test first!

So, a big "thank you" goes to the guys who "got me there," virtually: Jim Dicecco, Genaro Arroyo and Shawn Weishaar. You guys rock!

And a big "thank you" goes to the audience, who made it fun!

So think positive. If you think you can, you can! If you think you can't, you can't.

Explore the Light (in person, if you can),
P.S. Here is an article on wildlife photography that I hope you enjoy.