24/7 Photo Buffet Version 1.2 Now Available - HDR, Expanded Content and Notes Added

In our never-ending quest to keep our 24/7 Photo Buffet app current (and to keep those five-star reviews coming), Dr. Dave Wilson and I have added new content and have updated the existing content – for the March 14, 2010 release of Version 1.2. This is our second update since our launch in January 2010.

The new content (20MB) brings the total content to 146 MB. Now that’s enough info to accommodate your hungry photo appetite! However, at that size, download time is not like eating fast food!

Sure, we could have developed a mini-app with this content, but we want to keep and make 24/7 Photo Buffet our flagship app.

New Content

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Must-Know Info (even though it’s not listed under New Features on our iTunes page). This lesson is an excerpt, featuring 30 images and text, from my latest (and a favorite) book published by Wiley, Rick Sammon’s HDR Photography Secrets (April release). If you are new to HDR, this lesson is for you! It includes before-and-after examples and solid how-to info.

We have also added a new, totally cool Notes feature. Notes allow you to copy and paste text and email text – so you can keep track of your favorite photo tips. How cool is that? Combine Notes with our Search feature, and you have a very user-friendly and very helpful app!

Updated Lessons

We have added photos and text to the following lessons: A Good Background, Add a Person To the Scene, Get in the Picture, Get Close, Wide-angle or Tele, The Environment, Move Around a Subject, Tell Different Stories, Shutter Speeds, Using this App.
You can download the update (and app itself) by clicking here.
If you are new to 24/7 Photo Buffet, click here for info.

Our next app, 24/7 Photo Safari, is schedule for a May release. We will keep you posted as to the release date.

And yes, we are developing apps for the awesome iPad! Soon come.

Suggestions for improvements and future apps are always welcome.

Explore the light - and enjoy our app.