A Little Trick With Topaz Adjust 4

Here's a little trick I learned, quite by accident, while playing around with Topaz Adjust.

First, use the Spicify effect to boost the color, contrast and detail in an image. Then, use the Noise tab (click the Use Topaz DeNoise™ box) and reduce the noise to the point where your picture becomes very blurry - as illustrated in the top image, which I created from a similar image to the bottom image.

I found that working on a low resolution image, and then up-sizing it, works better than working on a full resolution image.

If you are new to Topaz products, you can save a bundle by choosing a bundle.

By they way, when using this technique, you remove some of the reality in a scene. When you remove some of the reality, your picture can become more artistic and creative.

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