A Photo Fake, Of Course

Of course, yesterday's "Elephant Attacks Pro Photographer" image was a photo fake - which is why I used the quotation marks. The shot was taken in the American Museum of Natural History in NYC - and then enhanced in Photoshop.

Sure, I could have done a better job in Photoshop. However, demonstrating my Photoshop skills was not the point.

I posted the photograph to bring you back here – so I could stress the importance of honesty in wildlife photography.

No one says that better than Ted Williams in his article in the current issue (March-April) of Audubon magazine: Picture Perfect - Phony wildlife photography in magazines, books, calendars and posters is giving a warped view of nature.

Check it out. It's important read.

The article is not posted on the web at this time, but here is another article by Ted.

Explore the light - and remember that honesty is the best policy.