HDR Secrets/Post Script Processing Info - Don't Peek

In my new HDR book, HDR Photography Secrets, you'll find a Post Script: Learn by Questioning. In that section, I suggest that readers examine each picture in that section and to guess how each image was made – rather than giving the processing info for each image, as I do throughout the book. It's actually a cool way to learn, because it makes you think about the image-making process.

However, I thought it only fair to give the info for each image in that section – as I state in the book. See below:

Page 160 to 165 – Photomatix plus Topaz Adjust, Spificy effect
Page 166 – Pseudo HDR with Photomatix
Pages 167 to 169 – Photomatiz only
Pages 170 to 177 – Photomatix plus Topaz Adjust, Spicify effect

Throughout the book you will find very detailed information, with screen grabs (see below), on how I made an image - and my suggestions for making your own knock-out HDR images.

My top tip for working in Photomatix: start with the White Point and Black Point sliders. Make sure the highlights are not washed out and the shadows are not blocked up. If they are, you defeat the entire purpose of HDR.

For a discount on Photomatix, as well as some of the Plug-ins I use in the book, see The Plug-In Experience.

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