Parish Kohanim - Introspection

Images © Parish Kohanim. All rights reserved.

I meet and know many photographers. One of my favorites is Atlanta-based fine-art photographer Parish Kohanim. His work inspires me - as does his philosophy on life.

While visiting Parish last week, I noticed these images on a wall in his studio/gallery. Here is what Parish told me about the images.

"The images are from a series I call 'Introspection.'

Introspection definition: self reflection, meditation, self observation, soul searching, being quiet with oneself.

"These series point out the great luxury of simply turning off the voice/s in our heads, clearing the clutter that our modern world is continuously creating in our heads, and by putting a halt to our incessant and non-essential thinking , worrying, projecting, judging and so on.

"And finally, by simply connecting to our divine being within and charging our spiritual batteries."

Something to think about, for sure.

Thank you, Parish, for sharing.

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