People Photography Week – Friday

This week will be devoted to people photography – by popular request on twitter. Wildlife photography was the second choice. Over at DPE, my friend Juan Pons is offering a week of wildlife photography tips. So you get the best of both worlds!

I took all the photographs for this week’s blog posts on a workshop in Venice, Italy organized by VSP Workshops.

Friday’s Tip: Be aware of the background. Always keep in mind that the background can make or break the photograph. Want it in focus? Use a wide-angle lens and a small aperture. Want it out of focus? Use a telephoto lens set at a wide aperture.

Also try to isolate the subject’s head – so background elements don’t distract the viewer’s attention from the most important part of the picture.

Canon 1Ds Mark III
Lens: Canon 24-105mm IS.

For more tips on people pictures, see my book, Face to Face.

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