Before There Was Photoshop . . .

There is probably not a photographer out there who has not heard about or has used Photoshop - or another digital imaging program.

Indeed, it is amazing what can be done – and what magic can be created – in the digital darkroom.

Sure, there are a ton of creative and fun effects in Photoshop. For example, you can hand-color a black-and-file, add a vignette to an image, and desaturate an image for an "old photo" look. You can add type – in any font, size and color – to an image, and place it wherever you like in the image.

The above example illustrates all of these techniques, but it's not an image that was enhanced in Photoshop. My mother, in 1943, hand-colored the black-and-white print of my dad in Central Park. She and my dad developed the negative in their wet darkroom. My mother also added the vignette and the text. And . . . the print survived!

Image makers today still use these creative techniques, which I think is kinda cool.

I found the picture while going through my Dad's stuff today. He passed away in April of this year - as readers of my blog know. (Thank you for all your notes and cards. Means a lot.)

Here is the original print.
The next time you are working and playing in Photoshop, keep in mind that some of the totally cool effects are not totally new.

Explore the light,

Here is another thought: Save your family photos and keep them in a safe place . . . for future generations.

It's good to have a link to the past.

Here's a picture of my parents taken during WWII. Now that's a cool dress!