New E-Book Project – A work in progress

Fear an ignorant man more than a lion. – Turkish Proverb

Always try to anticipate the action. To capture fast moving action, set your camera on rapid frame advance and focus tracking. To freeze the action, use a fast shutter speed of at least 1/500th of a second.

Lions Mating, Botswana
Canon 1D Mark II
Shutter Priority Mode
Canon 100-400mm IS lens @ 400mm
ISO 800
1/250th sec. @ f/8
• • •

I am working on a new e-book project - and could use your help.

It's an inspirational e-book that includes (per page):
• Photograph;
• Inspirational quote that matches the photograph;
• Subject name;
• Camera/exposure information.

What you see here is a sample page. The idea is to offer some inspiration/motivation and a very quick photography tip – info that you can have on your iPhone or iPad.

Basically, it's a feel-good e-book that helps you with your photography.

Whatta ya think of the idea? Please let me know here. Any ideas? For example, would you like to see a Photoshop tip, such as (in this case):

In Photoshop: Sharpen selectively. Here, sharpening only the lions made them stand out more in the scene. Sharpening the soft background would have detracted from the subjects and increased the noise.

Explore the light,