Life Lessons We Can Learn From Mother Nature – iPad App Now Available

Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. – Abraham Lincoln

Canon 1Ds Mark II
Canon 1000-400mm IS lens @ 340mm
Aperture Priority Mode
ISO 125
f/8.0 @ 164th sec.

Photo tips:
• Check your histogram to make sure that your highlights are not washed out.
• Don't look directly into the sun at sunrise and sunset.
• Wear sunglasses at sunrise and sunset.
• Have fun in Photoshop creating the mirror effect, as I did here.
• Note that polarizing filters are not effective when shooting directly toward or away from the sun.

• • •
Life Lessons We Can Learn from Mother Nature, my latest iPad app, was recently released on the iTunes app store. The concept: On each page of the e-book-type app you’ll find an inspirational or motivational quote accompanied by one of my wildlife or landscape photographs. I tired to match each photograph to the quote, which was a challenging but rewarding process.

The photographs are from my travels over the years; the quotes are gathered from a lifetime of looking for inspiration from others.

To celebrate the iPad app, co-developed with Juan Pons (the dude who started the Digital Photo Experience with me), I’ll be posting a picture and quote from time to time here on my blog – pictures and quotes that are not in the app. I’ll also include the location in which each photograph was taken, as well as the camera data – as I do in the app.

To order the app, which also features my favorite Photoshop techniques for wildlife and nature photography,
click on the iPhone/iPad photos on the right.

If you have an inspiration quote you’d like to share, please share it here via a Comment.

Explore the light – and explore the iPad!

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