Making Pictures at PhotoFest Japan 2010

Yesterday's PhotoFest Japan events were focused on making pictures - as opposed to simply taking pictures. We walked through the streets of Tokyo and set up people pictures against cool backgrounds - illustrating the point that the background can make or break a picture.

Above is a shot I took of the coolest dude we found – right within the ranks of our workshop participants. Bob graciously posed for us (I guess after a workout), helping us make a picture.

We could have taken the shot straight on, but the photograph would have looked flat. Rather, we shot from an angle to create a sense-of-depth in the image.

For the above image, my favorite shot from the shoot, I set my Canon 24-105mm IS lens (on my Canon 5D Mark II) at 24mm. I shot at f/7 and focused 1/3 into the scene to get everything in the scene in focus. To spice up the image, I added a touch of Topaz Adjust (Spicify effect).

Below is another image from the day's shoot that illustrates the same basic shooting and processing technique.

Below is a behind-the-scenes look at one of our shoots. Juan is assisting with a reflector; Hal is off camera leading another group. The guy in the red shirt is Scott Hards - the dude who heads up PhotoFest Japan.

Below is my shot from the above shoot - with Spicifi added. Although I did not shoot at an angle, this picture has a sense of depth because the steps lead off into the background.

Explore the light – and try to create a sense of depth in your images.

P.S. For info on Topaz adjust, as well as other plug-ins, and discounts on some plug-ins, click here.