Too Much Fun at Tokyo Tower After PhotoFest Japan 2010

PhotoFest Japan 2010 official ended last night, but the fun did not – as Hal "Bull" Schmitt would say. Several of the workshop participants joined me for a photo walk around Tokyo, which ended at dusk at Tokyo Tower.

We had some fish-eye lens fun, working with reflections.

We had some Topaz Adjust fun.

We shot wide to take in the beauty of the tower at dusk. By the way, the best time to take nighttime pictures is not at night – but rather at dusk, when there is still a bit of light in the sky. A black sky can produce too much grain in an image – as one of the participants found out the hard way last night. Uh . . . setting her camera to ISO 3200 did not help either :-)

We took the subway to Tokyo Tower, making a few stops of our own to make some HDR images.

I hope to see you at a future PhotoFest Japan.

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